A Safe Investment - Real Estate in Germany


A Safe Investment - Real Estate in Germany

The property has proven to be a secure capital investment and intelligent retirement savings millions times and is therefore often referred to as a 'concrete gold' in the vernacular. Over 25 million property owners in Germany have made the right decision.

Our properties
are located in Munich, Nuremberg and Erlangen, in one of the strongest economic regions in Germany, in Bavaria. Bavaria has the largest GDP and the lowest unemployment rate. For investors a safe place with enormous opportunities for growth in value.

Due to the low interest rates and the safety-conscious minds of many investors, demand for residential real estate has never been so high as to time. Trend continues to grow! Do not miss to get started now!

We offer a great selection of more than 250 high quality properties of all sizes and price ranges in Munich, Nuremberg and Erlangen (Nuremberg and Erlangen with up to 4.40% Rental Return and without broker commission!
So you will save with us around 5,000 to 10,000 EUR).

For a safe investment, we recommend priority Nuremberg and Erlangen. Within the last 5 years the property prices in Nuremberg partly more than doubled! And the trend continues to grow.

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has about 3.6 million inhabitants and 160,000 companies, such as Siemens, Adidas, Puma, GfK and the Nuernberger Insurance reside there. More than 85,000 people study at four universities and ten colleges. Therefore is the Nuremberg region, not least because of the low entry prices for investors, a most attractive location. Bavaria has the highest gross domestic product and the lowest unemployment rate of all German states! Nuremberg is after Munich the second largest city in Bavaria.

Your benefits

- A Safe Investment in one of the strongest economic regions in Germany
Over 200 high quality properties for selection
- Professional advice and sale

High increase in Value
- Up to 4.40% Rental Return
- Rental Management
- Without broker commission!


For Investors - Rental Return 4.40%
Like Apart in Erlangen

In the past, hotel investments were almost exclusively reserved for large institutional investors. The division of hotels into fractional ownership now also offers security-oriented, private investors the opportunity to invest in this attractive segment.

- 4-Stars Conference & Business Hotel (Operating Company: NOVUM HOTEL)
- Top Location at High-Tech Center North Bavaria. Up to 1 year in advance booked!
- Entry into the 20 year rental contract (including 2 x 5 years extension option) with a
   renowned hotel chain as contract partner
- No Vacancy Risk - No rent loss due to vacancy compared to rented apartments
- Immediate Rental Income from Acquisition
- Single Investition already from 109.000 EUR possible
- Without broker commission!

So that we provide you from our rich offer only the relevant objects for you, we kindly ask you to use our
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