Save more than 600 EUR with the Premium-Account






Save 735 EUR with the Standard-Plus-Account
According to statistic use everybody weekly cash at ATMs, thus 4 times a month. If now the account management fee for the Standard-Account of 30 CHF taken into consideration, plus 20 CHF for four times to withdraw money (5 CHF per cash withdrawal), one arrives at a total cost of 50 CHF per month.

The Standard-Plus-Account costs only 37 CHF per month and the cash withdrawal is free of charge to all ATMs worldwide! Thus you save every month 13 CHF. In one year 156 CHF (ca. 147 EUR) and in 5 years 780 CHF (ca. 735 EUR).
Another advantage is that, in addition to the main account set up sub-accounts in EUR and foreign currencies, at a special price of only 5 CHF/month and account.

(Note: The figure in EUR, a conversion rate of 1.06 CHF was used.)


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